Simplifying Clinical Trials

WE STRIVE TO SIMPLIFY. We strive to do more for clinical trial patients - through technology, family connectivity, and guidance – making a complex process simple and easy to understand.

We help patients navigate the complex process of clinical trial participation through our technology.


Clinical Trial Education

Learn about your disease and how clinical trials work. ClinTrialConnect Knowledge Base provides you and your family with valuable information about clinical trials in our interactive e-portal.

Share with Family

Family members are an important part of making complex medical decisions. ClinTrialConnect allows you to simply “share” the details of a clinical trial with chosen family members.

Appointment Calendar

Manage your study visits with reminders, alerts and visit guides. ClinTrialConnect reminds you of upcoming appointments, what to bring with you, and is integrated with Google Maps to provide directions.

Document Library

ClinTrialConnect provides a place to manage your study documents in a single, secure environment. Access consents, study updates and other documents provided by your research site.